Guide: Stein Valley Park

Ridgewalk to Tundra
Pyramidal Peak and Skook Jim

I’ve written the first draft of a guide to the Stein Valley Provincial Park in the southern coast mountains of BC, Canada. It can be found at the new Stein page:

The Stein is a really cool area with huge recreation potential, yet ultra low usage. It contains dramatic peaks, packrafting, hiking, mountaineering, glaciers and waterfalls.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this park is how efficient it can be to traverse it’s many alpine ridges. There’s an abundance of opportunities for big trips that blend anything from hiking and skiing to scrambling and packrafting. This guide helps flesh out some of the big opportunities.

You should go.


  1. “You should go.”

    After such a beautiful flowing description, this made me snort laugh. I think you should adopt the challenge of ending every entry in three words or less.

    Fist bump.

    (Now it’s your turn.)

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