Review/Warning: Evernew 300ml Double Wall Ti Mug (ECA354)

I normally like Evernew products. I have several pots I’m quite pleased with. That’s why I’m blown away they released and still sell a product as poor as their 300mL double wall mug (ECA354). It’s been 3 years and I’m still upset I paid $50 for this.

The issue with this mug isn’t the size. Certainly it’s too small for anyone relying on caffeine to start the day, but buying a 10oz mug is my fault. The issue with the mug isn’t the mug at all, but rather the lid.


In a decision that boggles the mind, Evernew constructed the lid out of heat expanding rubber. The lid fits great when you pop it on, but if you dare to put a hot beverage in your double wall mug it’s game over within 30 seconds. The lid expands dramatically and an attempt at a sip means a leak all over your shirt. It’s not a drip or two. It’s a full on stream of hot coffee. Apparently no one at Evernew has actually used this mug.

I bought the mug on a road trip through Utah and discovered the heat expansion on the first fill, which 50 miles down the road and too late to return it as I had places to go. I meant to contact Evernew to warranty the mug but didn’t get around to it until the 1 year warranty was up. I emailed them anyways 18 months in, no longer expecting a replacement, but just to see if they’re aware their mug doesn’t work. They weren’t but said they’d look into it and then never got back to me.

You can avoid a similar fate by grabbing the 450mL mug and lid from Snow Peak. I did and it’s way better.



  1. Wow the Snow Peak stuff looks nice. Do think a handle is necessary on a double wall mug? Snow Peak has the stackable mugs with handles that are a but sleeker.

  2. Nothing less than a 750 ml for a caffeine-junkie like me – 1500 ml in the winter. But rather than drink from metal I use a plastic mug. Snow Peak Titanium 450 ml weighs 4.2 oz. without lid ($25.95). GSI Infinity Mug (500 ml) weighs 3.5 oz. with lid ($9.95).

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